How your VOS Board has personally dealt with the Covid 19 event?


Answered By VOS Member Warren K. Brown

What did you do this last week that was different from what you might have done last year during the same period?

Staying home, shopping at times for older folks, lots of webinars and zoom meetings even when retired, wore mask when away from my house and more cooking and clean up but hit a few restaurants at early afternoon so few other customers there! Occasionally encounter those who still wont wear a mask!

Have you experienced changes physically, mentally or emotionally during this event?

Actually losing some weight and doing the 12 hr fasting; I have not seen a lot of difference in being retired and staying home-the meals are the hardest since you have to determine what you are gonna eat, buy the stuff, prepare the stuff and worst, clean up afterwords.

Have you observed changes in those around you?

Some people seem more irritable but you don’t make a lot of face to face contact except on zoom and go-to-meeting; it is difficult to talk to them about anything but the meeting subject.

Has your work environment changed such as home versus regular workplace for example?

Mine hasn’t since being retired I spend a lot of time at home anyway-the closing of the library and senior center messed with a few meals and classes but I worked with our yoga instructor and she is now doing a zoom session 3 times a week so getting some organized exercise! Music class has occasionally met outside at a members party patio and my art class has met by zoom on a regular basis.

What has been your most difficult personal change during the crisis?

Food-as I described earlier and hard to do exercise alone after being at the senior center regularly for the last 6 years.

Have your plans for activities such as travel, visiting or other leisure activities been adversely affected?

Haven’t been near an airport since February-planned trips for holidays are in limbo-have not been inside anyone’s house since early march; the virtual world has kept me surprisingly busy-just signed up for virtual ergo conference at reduced rate.