Safety and Health Hall of Fame International (SHHOFI)


Established 1986

The concept of SHHOFI was first considered during the annual meeting of the Veterans of Safety (VOS) in 1984.

The overall objective was to develop an organization that could provide a living legacy for outstanding safety and health professionals who have given unselfishly to freeing the world of recognized hazards. During the discussion, an ad hoc committee was appointed for the purpose of furthering that concept and to determine an appropriate site for housing a “Hall of Fame.” After much research and further discussions the ad hoc committee recommended Central Missouri State University (CMSU) (now University of Central Missouri (UCM) 2006) as the home for SHHOFI. During January 7-9, 1986 a meeting of VOS, CMSU and Civic Leaders was held in Warrensburg, MO to begin preparation for a formal agreement to establish SHHOFI at CMSU. On March 26, 1986, the agreement was signed and SHHOFI was officially established. Work began on establishing SHHOFI as a working organization. Bylaws were developed, circulated and revised. During October 1986, the bylaws were approved. The introductory sections on the bylaws spelled out SHHOFI’s mission, purpose and size.

  • Recognition of individuals and organizations who have contributed significantly to the field of safety and health, as set forth in the guidelines established by the governing bodies provided herein;
  • A resource location and permanent physical facility for significant (milestone) events impacting the safety and health profession/activities/programs;
  • A location for ceremonial and other associated events;
  • A depository for relevant documents, artifacts and memorabilia;
  • A location for the preservation and display of safety and health instruments, devices and equipment.

SHHOFI was organized to provide participation from organizations having a vested interest in safety and health and/or concerns with the elimination of recognized hazards. Those organizations willing to serve as a cooperating organization could designate a representative for the governing council, which in turn elected from that membership, a Board of Governors. The Board of Governors was empowered to employ an Executive Director (SHHOFI was guided by VOS Executive Director Dr. Bob Baldwin) to perform ongoing tasks on a day-by-day basis and also to provide expertise for actions requested or planned by the Board of Governors and the Governing Council. From that structure, committees were formed to provide action in each of the organization’s business. Central to SHHOFI’s mission was the Selection Committee, which developed the format and process to be utilized in the selection of nominated candidates for induction in to the Safety and Health Hall of Fame International.

In October 1987 the first “Class” of six individuals was inducted in Chicago during the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Exposition. From 1987 through 1996 SHHOFI remained at CMSU. During that period 52 individuals were inducted. SHHOFI was born of an idea promulgated by the Veterans of Safety. VOS obtained the cooperation of fourteen charter member organizations, a commitment from CMSU to house SHHOFI and to provide monetary support (CMSU Staff and student volunteers) for on campus leadership and administrative program activities.

A study and plan was put together on how to raise funds to pay SHHOFI’s share (7.6 million) of the construction costs for the building that would house SHHOFI. Fund raising was attempted on a number of different fronts. All of these attempts were unsuccessful. Note: VOS Hawaii Chapter ran an annual golf tournament that helped fund Hall of Fame Ceremonies for over 10 years.

A plan was formulated with the president of VOS (Dan Paine), the president of SHHOFI (Patrick J. Conroy) and the new president of the National Safety Council (NSC) (Jerry Scannell) to move SHHOFI to the NSC in Itasca, IL. On June 14, 1996, the three presidents along with CMSU leadership signed the documents to officially move SHHOFI to the NSC. After the October 1996 SHHOFI induction ceremony in Chicago, SHHOFI became part of the NSC. It should be noted that when this move was made VOS maintained three Board of Director positions on the SHHOFI board, which was part of the VOS/SHHOFI/NSC negotiated transfer contract.

After four years, SHHOFI was again moved to Hillside, IL (2000) and housed in the same building as the Construction Safety Council (CSC). VOS again maintained three board positions after this move. CSC staff as non-paid volunteers handled administration of SHHOFI in an outstanding manner. SHHOFI owes a debt of gratitude to Tom and Sharon Broderick, Gayla Hurson and Beverlee Alberico.

As funding became a problem due to the recession, the last induction ceremony was in 2008. SHHFOI has inducted 70 individuals. The list of inductees can be found below on this web page.

All SHHOFI plaques, memorabilia, historical documents and a small amount of funds are maintained in the greater Chicago area.

Attempts to engage larger Safety and Health organizations to assume control of SHHOFI were not successful.  

During the VOS Board meeting on May 19, 2016 an in depth discussion was held concerning SHHOFI, e.g., options, logistics, expenses, administrative requirements and the long term impact of SHHOFI returning to the VOS family. A few new ideas were also discussed that could help keep SHHOFI a viable operation. This conversation was tabled to allow for contemplation by all VOS Board Members.

VOS President, Mark Rater reminded VOS Board Members that Article II, Section I of the VOS bylaws notes the purpose of VOS is “To work toward the establishment of a living legacy that will pay homage to those Safety and Health Professionals who gave unselfishly, so that one day all persons will enjoy life that is free of recognized hazards.”

During the June 2016 VOS Board Meeting the Board voted unanimously to assume administrative, financial and historical responsibility for SHHOFI.

SHHOFI will be guided by a VOS Board Committee that has begun planning the movement of all SHHOFI Plaques, historical documents and financial and administrative documents to a central location. Further, discussions are being pursued concerning a permanent home for SHHOFI.

Patrick J. Conroy, OHST, CHST
SHHOFI President (1994 – 1996) (2000 to present)
Past President VOS (1993-1994)




Inductee Category Nominating Organization/Person
Dr. John Grimaldi Safety Management American Society of Safety Engineers
Dr. William Haddon Jr. Accident Research Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Dr. Norman Key Safety Education Central Missouri State University
Dr. John Lane Transportation Safety Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine
Dr. Ernest Mastromatteo Industrial Safety Construction Safety Association of Ontario
Honorable Howard Pyle Safety & Health Administration National Safety Council
Frank Bird Jr. Loss Control Veterans of Safety
Robert Borkenstein Forensic Sciences Central Missouri State University
James Economos Traffic Courts American Bar Association/Alliance for Traffic Safety
James Newman Biomechanics of Trauma Construction Safety Association of Ontario
Dr. Richard Bishop Traffic and Transportation Safety American Driver and Traffic Education Association
Nils Bohlin Three-Point Safety Restraint System Alliance for Traffic Safety
Lawrence Corney Development of the Safety Profession in the United Kingdom Institute of Occupational Safety and Health-England
Jerome Lederer Flight and Space Safety National Safety Management Society
Cecil Zaun School Safety Education American Academy of Safety Education
David Curley Safety Engineering and Leadership National Safety Council
Hugh DeHaven Crashworthiness Central Missouri State University
Louis Morony Traffic Safety Law Alliance for Traffic Safety
William Pope Safety Management Systems National Safety Management Systems
Dr. Herbert Stack Safety Education American Academy of Safety Education
Dr. William Tarrants Safety Professional Certification & Research Veterans of Safety
William Franey Uniform Traffic Safety, Codes, Standards and Enforcement Alliance for Traffic Safety
Dr. Earl Heath Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Veterans of Safety
George Smith Occupational Safety and Health, Related to Labor National Safety Council
Dr. John Paul Stapp Safety Research Flight Safety Foundation
Stanley Abercrombie Safety Education American Academy of Safety Education
Dr. Alice Hamilton Industrial Medicine Central Missouri State University
Dr. Robert Kirk Safety Education and Research Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce
Fred Manuele Safety Engineering and Leadership National Safety Council
Thomas Seals Traffic Safety Education American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association
Dr. Ing Peter Compes Industrial Safety Research and Education Flight Safety Foundation
Elizabeth Dole Transportation and Workplace Safety Association for the Advancement of Health Education/American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Dr. Henry Heimlich Medical and Lifesaving Techniques Central Missouri State University
Herbert Heinrich Safety Engineering Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce
William Mottel Occupational Safety and Health National Safety Council
Leonard Ring Human Factors/Ergonomics Veterans of Safety
Dr. Richard Snyder Education and Scientific Research in Physical Anthropology Missouri Safety Council
Dr. Theodore Feny Aviation Safety-Ground and Air Central] Missouri State University
Dr. John Havard Health and Safety Safety Council of the Ozarks
General Franklin Kreml Law Enforcement Veterans of Safety
Honorable Gerard F. Scannell Safety Management National Safety Council
Roberto Scaringella Traffic Safety Missouri Safety Council
Dr. Morris Chafetz Fulfillment of Life through Participation and Moderation in Positive Life Activities Safety Council of the Ozarks
H.J. Matthysen Industrial Safety Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Bernardino Ramazzini Occupational Medicine City of Warrensburg
James Tye Industrial Safety Management British Safety Council
Lewis Deblois Safety Management in Industry National Safety Council
Dr. Innagene Holloway Safety Education in Secondary/Higher Education and Industry American Academy of Safety Education
Charles Miller Inter-Disciplinary and Systems Approach to Accident Prevention Flight Safety Foundation
Leonard Sylvester Research and Program Implementation for Construction Construction Safety Association of Ontario
D.A. Weaver Research, Teaching and Publications of Accident Prevention Veterans of Safety
Irving Selikoff Medical Research Related to Occupational Health Effects Construction Safety Association of Ontario
Don Buck Traffic Safety Veterans of Safety
Sir Allan St. John Holt Safety Management and Education Missouri Driver and Safety Education Association
John Millar Occupational and Environmental Health National Safety Council
Dan Petersen Behavioral Approach to Safety D.A. Weaver
Robert L. Marshall Safety Education Academy of Safety Education
Franklin E. Mirer Safety in the Workplace International Union
A.J. Scardino Industrial Safety Veterans of Safety
Alfred C. Blackman Safety Engineering and Safety Management Hazards, Limited
Franklin C. Haering Education and Public Safety Maryland-National Capital Park and Plan Commission
James W. Brinkley Aviation and Aerospace Safety U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Soun-shik Chang Industrial Safety and Health Korean Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Daniel E. Della-Giustina Safety Education West Virginia University
Dr. Im Goung Yun Coal Mining Health Korean Industrial Health Association
George Swartz Industrial Safety Fred Manuele
Roger L. Brauer, Ph.D. Safety Professional Certification The Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  Safety and Health for Engineers  
Mr. Joseph M. Kaplan Highway Safety With an Emphasis on Seat Belts National Safety Council
Dr. John H. Olson Safety Engineering and Ergonomics Construction Safety Council
David V. Maccollum, PE Construction Safety Management Construction Safety Council
  Roll Over Bars for Heavy Equipment  

Dr. Roger Brauer Plaque
Dr. Roger Brauer Plaque

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