Minutes of Meetings

Annual Meeting at Kansas City, MI
September 28, 2019
Meeting Minutes


  • Howard Spencer
  • Warren Brown
  • Dave Sortore
  • Nigel Ellis
  • Wendell Wahlstedt
  • Mark Rater

Phone Communications:

  •    Pat Conroy
  •    Jack Hirschman

E-Mail Communications:

  •    Chris Gates


  1. Call to Order             Howard
  2. Call for Quorum         Dave

Quorum Established

  1. Approval of Minutes August 15, 2019.     Dave

Motion to Approve    Warren

Second     Pat

Motion Carried

  1. Invocation          Howard
  2. President’s Remarks             Howard

State of the Organization

Website Improvements

Social Media Platforms

Collecting Oral Histories

Membership Growth

Financial Stability

  1. Treasurer’s Report             Jack

VOS savings account through August 31, 2019, $13,789.64.  Gain of $600.00 vs last year. 

Year to date income $2535.00.  This includes member dues $625.00, member classification change $15.00, sales of coins $45.00, newsletter donations $30.00, and scholarship donations $820.00. 

Expenses this year to date $1343.15.  This includes credit card fee $123.15, Safety and Health Historical Society donation$500.00, Website $475.00 and SHHOFI storage $245.00.  Net Income $1191.85.


Details regarding Scholarship donation of $820.00.  Ten people provided this donation and will be reported in the next VOS Newsletter.

Discussions regarding deposit of scholarship funds in ASSP Foundation 90 days following dues invoicing will be considered at next conference.

  1. Membership Committee      Jack

New member Darrel Hill.  Passing of VOS member Clair Hay, a former Life Member.

David Nurse notified of his retirement and resignation from VOS.

  1. VOS Newsletter        Warren

VOS Newsletter in process.  Plan to distribute in December 2019.  In the future two VOS Newsletters will be published annually in June and December.

Decision to use 8.5″ x 11.5″ paper.  Planned Newsletter contents  thank you letter from VOS scholarship receiver Kelsie Finch who is now a graduate of Indiana University and working as a Safety Consultant.

  1. Awards      Dave

Two VOS members this past May 2019 received the coveted Fellow of American Society of Safety Professionals designation.  They are Warren Brown and Nigel Ellis.  The announcement was made this past summer in the ASSP Journal.

  1. SHHOFI           Pat

Joint meeting with Joanne Kurt-Hilditch PhD. Senior Director Missouri Safety Center and Dianna Bryant PhD. Associate Professor Crisis and Disaster Management Institute for Rural Emergency Management University of Central Missouri.

Objective to consider CMU for an institutional home for the Safety and Health Hall of Fame.  Discussions of CMU facilities and resources.  SHHOFI materials reviewed that included documents, books, inventions, files, support data and 70 plaques.  Estimated five pallets of materials.

CMU representatives indicated a positive response regarding provision of logistical support for SHHOFI.  Plans made for a joint visit to Warrensburg, Missouri that included a VOS Board of Directors Task Force to evaluate suitability of the UCM facilities.  Visit scheduled for September 30, 2019.  Results to be communicated to the VOS Board at next Conference.

  1. Bi Laws          Chris

Proposed Bi Law changes were E-mailed to VOS Board members October 1, 2019.  These proposed changes pertained to proxy designations for meetings, local chapters and student chapters.  These changes will need to be voted on at next VOS Conference.

  1. VOS Memorial Service           Wendell

A memorial service was conducted for deceased VOS members Clair Hay and Robert Marshall.  Both longtime members of VOS .

  1. Transfer of Presidency             Warren

Ceremony conducted to transfer the VOS Presidency from Howard  Spencer to incoming VOS president  Mark Rater.

Howard will now assume the position of Dean of Ambassadors.    

  1. Next Meeting        Mark

The next VOS Conference Call is scheduled for October 17, 2019 @ 3:00 PM CT.

  1. Meeting Adjournment         Mark

Motion to Adjourn     Warren

Second     Wendell

Motion Carried.