Ray Dave Sortore

David SortoreRay Dave Sortore

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Spring Hill, Kansas

Risk management operative with self-insurance specialization. Work both as risk management administrator and consultant in munitions, construction, mining, oil and gas, health services and food processing and distribution. Former operator of SpecTech Crane Inspection Co., Nursing Home Services Co. and RASOR Management Consultants. Publications 26 to include contributing chapters in POLLUTION CONTROL MANAGEMENT 1974 and OSHA HANDBOOK 1975. Featured in articles “National Safety Congress Speakers” THE NATIONAL PROVISIONER 1984 and “Return To Work Programs Boost Employee Productivity,” BAKERY PRODUCTION AND MARKETING 1983. Career highlights include Design Team Route Truck of Future, ANSI Z-50 Standards Committee, American National Standards Institute, Route Truck Propane Conversion Group and development of ergonomic devices to include portable carts for route sales, lean bars for cashiers, oven loader suspension system and trunk support for warehouse personnel. Mr. Sortore was a pioneer in the development and coordination of managed care and claims administration systems. In 1973 research was completed for the Associated General Contractors leading to the revision of the 1910 General Industry and 1926 Construction Safety and Health Standards. Mr.Sortore has a B.S. Degree in Business Administration and a M.S. Degree in Industrial Psychology and has been involved with several national groups to include the National Private Truck Council Safety Committee, the American Bakers Association Environmental Health and Safety Committee and the Industry and Teamster Labor Conference. Mr. Sortore currently serves as Secretary of Veterans of Safety.