Patrick J. Conroy

ConroyPatrick J. Conroy, OHST, CHST

Roy Anderson Corporation

Project Safety and Health Officer

Marine Corps Logistics Base

Albany, Georgia

Email: [email protected]

Pat has been an advocate for worker safety, encouraging safe choices and cultural change for over 45 years. Pat is presently working as the Project Safety and Health Officer at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany, GA. Pat’s career includes experience as an Operational Safety Manager with the United States Air Force. He joined King & Neel, Inc., the largest Independent Insurance and Surety Bond Agency in Hawaii in 1989 as the leader of the Risk Control/ Safety Department. His team of Risk Control Consultants advised construction contractors and commercial business clients on risk identification, assessment, and management, owner controlled and self insurance programs, business and safety culture changes, project safety leadership, safety, health and environmental program administration and accident investigation and claims management. Pat also acted as the liaison with Insurance carriers, OSHA, MSHA, EPA, USACE, NAVFAC, Trade Associations, and Organized Labor setting the standards for the highest quality services in the brokerage community.

In 2007 Pat became the first Program Manager at the Board of Certified Professionals (BCSP) for the OHST, CHST and STS Certifications. Pat joined Willis as a Senior VP, Risk Engineering, in New Orleans during August of 2011. In this position Pat had oversight over many Corps of Engineers projects in and around the City of New Orleans as it continues rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His biggest project was the 1.2 billion dollar Medical Center Facilities in downtown New Orleans for the State of Louisiana and the people of New Orleans, replacing Charity Hospital that was destroyed by Katrina. Pat has been very busy as a volunteer where he serves as the President of the Safety and Health Hall of Fame International, as a past national judge (10 years) for the Associated General Contractors of America Construction Safety Excellence Awards and is the past Chairman of the National Safety Council’s Construction Division (2005–2007). Pat is also past President of VOS. He has been honored many times for his volunteer activities. Pat is the recipient of the Distinguished Service to Safety Award. The highest individual award bestowed by the National Safety Council. Pat was recognized by the State of Hawaii’s 20th Legislature for his innovative worker-safety training programs. In May 2006, Pat was honored by Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, with a proclamation and a life-time achievement award. In 2009 BCSP named a scholarship in his honor.